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About Us:

Honor. Educate. Inspire.

This is the mission of the Commemorative Air Force.

 As members of the Commemorative Air Force's B-29/B-24 Squadron, our mission is to care for two of the most iconic airplanes in the world: the B-29 "Fifi" and the B-24A "Diamond Lil'.

As the PX (Post Exchange) for the Squadron, we have two goals: assisting in raising funds for the maintenance of these two icons, and distributing logo-ed merchandise.

Through the purchase of this merchandise, you not only show your respect and celebration of these two grand ole' ladies, you help keep them in the forefront of the public's knowledge, generating the goodwill needed to "Keep Them Flying!"

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10A - 4P CST

If you believe, as we do, that our mission is important, we invite you to join us. Contribute, volunteer, or show your love through the wearing of our apparel, the display of our merchandise.

Keep Them Flying!

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